Finding my niche

My old Inbred has been locked in the shed for ages with a worn transmission. I spent a wedge of cash resurrecting the FSR earlier in the year so the funds to fix the On-One have not been available.  Until now.

Using a refund from CRC due to a postal mix up and a failed helmet I was able to purchase all the bits to single speed it along with a bell for Ollie’s Rothan for 95p. I also got some short chain ring bolts from Charlie the Bikemonger for £5.60. So with a total spend of less than 7 quid I’m off and running again. I’m setting it up as a 36:18 to start off with the option to go to 36:16 if my knees can take it.

If all goes to plan it’ll be ready for the Tuesday night ride. I just hope I can get the cranks off because they were fitted by Martyn at Cookson Cycles, who has the strength of a silverback gorilla when to comes to tightening components.  

I’ll see how I get on with the beard and sandals.

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5 Responses to Finding my niche

  1. Jase says:

    Loving the wheely bin garden furniture

  2. Not loving cross threading my crank extractor.

  3. Sorted.

    Chain ring won’t fit on middle so it has gone on outer. Sprocket has adjustment so chain line is OK but the tensioner will need washers to shift it over.

  4. Project Single Speed is now complete.

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