Back in the saddle

After months of not riding at all I’m finally back at it. The plan is to do one night ride and one commute a week until a) I’m fit again b) My bikes all break c) I can’t be arsed. The long term goal is to actually do an event rather than organise one or follow mates via twitter feeds as they perform epic deeds whilst I make apple crumbles or decorate the kids’ bedrooms.

Night ride #1 Myself, Neil and Jason. 16 or so uneventful miles round the local stuff trying to hang on to the other two. When I got home my bum felt like I had been on the wrong end of a prison romance.

Commute #1. I rode to work and rode home again. Nothing spectacular to report other than my bum feeling like I had just been slippered for climbing on the school roof.

Night ride#2. Myself and Jason. Much better on the bum front. Rearranged my lights with the P7 LED job now perched on my lid (heavy, but not too distracting) and my old piss-weak halogen Nite Rider on the bars. How on Earth did we just cope with halogens back in the day? How on Earth did Nite Rider come up with a bracket that requires you to rotate your brake and shifter controls in order to get the light to point at the ground? We did the Clifton Cheekies and “The Chimney”, a descent that I would have got down without a dab if Jason hadn’t repeatedly said how technical it was as we approached it. As it was I dropped in expecting some sort of rock strewn mine shaft of pointy death but it wasn’t too bad at all. I’ll have to go and have a sneaky practice before we do it again.

Things took a turn for the worse when Jason clobbered a low branch with his head. From 20 yards back I heard a CRACK and a yelp and watched the lights from his bike go all over the place before they eventually settled pointing back up the trail at me. My initial thought was “he’s broken a leg” because I couldn’t see him or the branch until I got close. Luckily he was OK apart from a stiff neck and a Charles Manson style mark in the middle of his fod. The helmet (that made the CRACK) was a goner, but that it what they are there for. It was all a bit twitchy for a moment or two but by the time I caught up with him he was sat up and complaining so I knew that everything was OK ;-).

We carried on for a few miles more before turning round and heading home.

Tomorrow I shall commute. I’d better root out my Buff because it was a bit icy at 7:30 am this morning.

I don’t know whether it is the endorphins, the exercise, the “bloke time”, the fiddling with kit or the simple pleasure of riding a bike, but I feel much happier for it. My bum is happier too now.

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1 Response to Back in the saddle

  1. donk says:

    Good to see you’re back out.

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