Back in the saddle – Take 2

Having got myself back up to speed various events overtook me which have resulted in a 5 week layoff.

Let’s begin with having the snip! Not nearly as bad as you would think actually. I have had more uncomfortable dental procedures although none of them have involved someone hacking away at my spuds whilst four other people (three of them ladies) looked on. The worst bit was waiting for three hours in a paper kimono with the Jeremy Kyle Show on in the background. After 30 minutes of listening to scum arguing whether their children were legitimate* and opening the poor kid’s DNA results live on TV I was tempted to ask the surgeon to cut some tubes in my throat instead of “down stairs”. It was a bit uncomfortable for a couple of days but now The Twins are back to their magnificent best.

I got out for the first time on the bike 15 days after the op and apart from rattling my knackers on the nose of the saddle whilst messing up a rocky stream crossing everything was tickerty-boo. I have also discovered to my cost that Oliver’s head is exactly at the wrong height if you have bruised fruit, so I’ve been working on my side step for when he comes running at me.

We have also spent the best part of a month decorating Ollie’s room and painting a great big Toy Story mural on the wall. The majority of the work took place in the evenings so we’ve been absolutely knackered as a result. It’s all finished now and we can’t afford to buy any more paint for a few months which leaves us free to do what we want to do, as long as it is free. This should be the first Christmas in ages without a brand new baby or wet paint in the house and I’m quite looking forward to doing feck all.

Hit the North is back on February 12th with another Winter Sprinter. Jason is in sole charge now and whilst I envy him greatly I’m also glad not to be involved as it was taking up an awful lot of my time when I should have been working or playing with the kids. Good luck to him. From what I can gather (he keeps me updated) it should be another blinder. We rode the course together last Saturday and it is probably the best one yet incorporating all of the good stuff in Philips Park and a sizeable chunk of the new trails in Waterdale. More details and entry at I shall be there on the day doing a bit of marshalling and whatever else Jason wants.

I’ve also had the CX out for a bit of a play doing frozen night rides. Great fun although I did have a double rear light failure on Tuesday. Luckily I did have three lights but the one that was left working is the one that is prone to packing up most frequently. Something better is on my Christmas list. Also on the Christmas list is a Here Come The Belgians jersey and silly little hat. Buying a jersey means that I am now by default in the club, in the same way that buying a ski mask by default used to get you arrested for being a terrorist. I hope to be sporting my new kit at the Tod CX on January 2nd. I shall look the part right up to the moment that I try a rapid re-mount and end up flat spotting my goolies again.

Enough of my rambling. Time to charge up the lights and go for a ride. Over and out.

* He was legitimate. Yay.

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