Winter Training

For some reason I have started winter training even though I don’t do races*.

My logic is as follows.
1)      My FSR full susser is getting on a bit and I can’t afford to replace it. Keeping it cleaned, lubed and dry in the shed should prolong the old girl’s life.

2)      I have a single speed and a CX bike that I rarely use. They spend most of their life cleaned, lubed and in the shed whilst the FSR is taking a beating and shortening the old girl’s life.

3)      If I can improve my fitness and skill on the SS and CX between now and spring I will be a Cycling God. Apparently.

4)       I want to do the Tod CX race again (* OK, I do one race a year)  and I’d like to spend less time lying in the mud, so some skills work might not be a bad idea.

I have to report that 7 weeks into my regime it would appear to be working. Riding the SS has improved my strength and smoothed out my technique. I think. The local loop is definitely getting easier and quicker on it. The CX on the other hand has proved less successful. I’ve had two fairly big stacks on the last two rides, both on mud and leaf mulch covered cobbles, and the missus has banned me from riding it as she doesn’t want to spend the Christmas holidays wiping my bum because I’ve got a couple of broken wrist. I’m glad she has banned me because I was thinking of leaving it until the leaves have gone myself and this way it isn’t me who has given in. In both stacks the bike has landed “shifters first” resulting in a bit of trail side realignment and I can’t afford a new set of 105s. I’ll give it another go before Tod so I don’t make a complete tit of myself. Again.
PS. If you are reading this and you were one of the walkers who rather bloody-mindedly decided that they were going to walk round all of the MTB trails in Waterdale I do not apologise for calling you idiots because you are.

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